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What's a podcast?

Podcasting is a technology that combines online media such as audio, video, and even rich text with a simple automatic mechanism for downloading and transferring media files to mobile media players such as iPods, mp3 players, and computer media player programs for Macintosh, Windows, and other platforms as well. Podcasting differs from other Internet "streaming" media delivery technologies, in that once files are downloaded, no Internet connection is necessary for playback.

This makes podcasts ideal for consuming "on-the-go" using a mobile media player, laptop, or even burned to CD. ASU iTunes U provides a convenient and user friendly podcast delivery system for the ASU community. ASU on iTunes U is a partnership between Arizona State University and Apple Inc. that combines enterprise level podcasting infrastructure with safe and secure user access and control. This makes it is possible for all ASU faculty, researchers, and departments to effectively and efficiently provide educational podcast materials to students, colleagues, and life long learners around the world.

What is ASU on iTunes U?

ASU iTunes U provides a method of podcast delivery. ASU iTunes U materials that are made freely available to anyone in the world. Examples of such materials include special events programming, guest lectures, educational and informational documentary videos, open course ware materials, and more. If you are producing media that you would like to make available as podcasts, please see the ASU iTunes U Contribute Materials for more information on how you can begin using ASU iTunes U immediately.

How do I use ASU on
iTunes U?

Accessing ASU iTunes U requires the iTunes Media Player to be installed on the user's computer. iTunes is available free from Apple and is offered for both the Apple and Windows computer platforms. Every track downloaded from ASU iTunes U is automatically added to a "Arizona State University" playlist in iTunes. This makes it convenient to access and organize all of the ASU materials in one easy location. Additionally custom playlists can also be created in iTunes combining any other media materials downloaded or added from any source as well.

Where can I learn more
about using iTunes U?

For more help using iTunes, please visit the iTunes tips page available from Apple. Additionally, more iTunes U information, videos, and usages tips are also available on Apple Education page.

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